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cleaning for animal hoarding

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Fast & discreet cleaning for animal hoarding

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It is not only animals that suffer when people tend to “collect” or hoard pets. Animal hoarding is often accompanied by a significant odour nuisance for neighbours. For landlords, this often means a significant loss of property value and complaints from other tenants in the building. We can provide a quick remedy.

The animal hoarders are often not to blame because it is a psychological problem. Nevertheless, action should be taken quickly, because the faeces of the animals not only smell unpleasant, but also often lead to pest infestation and the spread of pathogens. Contact us without obligation if you would like an intensive cleaning of your property or would like advice.

Animal hoarding procedure

  • Disinfection
  • Removal of floor coverings
  • Pest control
  • Odour neutralisation
  • Professional cleaning
24-hour emergency service


  • Flats
  • Houses

Professional cleaning for animal hoarding in 3 steps

Contact & Advice

The best way to contact us is by telephone on 0800 123 00 31

24 / 7, 365 days a year

Viewing appointment

If necessary, we will arrange an appointment with you for a viewing.


After you have accepted our offer, we will start work as soon as possible.

24-hour emergency service

Intensive cleaning required for animal hoarding 

The negative consequences cannot be eliminated with simple cleaning; excreta such as urine settle permanently on many surfaces. The pests cause additional damage. Therefore, contact your well-trained cleaners from Die Tatortreinigung: We have the necessary know-how and effective cleaning agents to remove the droppings completely. In addition, we use effective methods to combat all pests. We make every animal hoarder’s flat habitable again, so that landlords, for example, can re-let it without hesitation.  

Cleaning a pet hoarder flat 

Trust specialists! If you have to deal with animal hoarding as a relative or landlord, we are your experienced contact. At best, an Animal Hoarder will voluntarily grant access to their home. Otherwise, owners can obtain a court order. Frequently, those affected also turn to us after a tenant has moved out. In all cases, we guarantee professional cleaning at transparent costs!  


  • Relative
  • Landlord
  • Carer
  • Authorities
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